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Improving lives with innovation – HSE beacon venture

The ‘Beacon Projects’ are in the clinical orders of the unending ailments Epilepsy, Hemophilia and Bipolar Disorder. The epilepsy Lighthouse venture is an association between various associations – RSCI, HSE, eHealth Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland, Beaumont Hospital and Ergo. There are numerous positive results and advantages for patients just as medicinal services experts related with utilizing data innovation inside wellbeing.

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The Challenge

Giving Individualized Services and Care in Epilepsy (PISCES) is a Lighthouse Project with various accomplices, including HSE, eHealth Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland, RCSI and Beaumont. In the past ,there was no chance to get to patients, scholastics or clinicians around Ireland to record their therapeutic subtleties electronically which made various issues.

The Solution

The PISCES Project is tied in with utilizing advances to advance a model of accuracy, proactive and customized human services for the in excess of 40,000 individuals with epilepsy crosswise over Ireland. The arrangement created is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Patient Portal App concentrated solely on the necessities of epilepsy patients. The patient entrance is a portable first, cloud-based arrangement. Regardless of where care is conveyed, data can be gathered, added to the consideration record and gotten to by the consideration group paying little heed to geographic area or care setting. The task likewise includes the improvement of a BI arrangement which empowers clinicians to safely utilize totaled patient information to dissect and accumulate bits of knowledge of the more extensive patient network to advise future consideration and populace wellbeing.